A New Season

The whole world is upside down. Nothing like this has ever happened in history. How are we suppose to navigate all this stress and confusion?


Trust in the One who holds the stars in place.

Friends and Friendships

A Series….

Remember the days of childhood when imagination and fun ran free; sharing your life with your group of friends without worry, fear, or outrageous expectations.  It was what it was.  I guess it is the truth of Jesus’ words: “We need to become like a little child,” …we were purely motivated by each other’s love.

Somehow we have lost much of that carefree existence in the day to day life that we live today.  I know that today’s children are growing up in a more complex world with everything so focused on every minute factor of their lives, it is truly sad.  But we can still have the excitement of “best” friends in our life and I have some ideas to find that treasure again (simplistic though it may be), just consider these ideas.

  • Pray for the perfect friend, God knows exactly who is perfect for you.  That person may not be who you think or desire them to be, but eventually you’ll see God’s wisdom in the unfolding of your friendship.
  • No expectations! It is a journey. We need to see the treasure in that person and sometimes we have to dig it out, which may require patience, sacrifice, and infinite love.  Remember God sent you that person (you may be that person for someone else.)
  • Spend time.  That’s how you develop a bond when you are trying to get to know each other.  New opportunities will arise as you cherish moments spent together along with fond memories.  Take a walk together, go shopping or find an adventure you both enjoy.  Make each other’s dinner for a night…there are endless possibilities when you spend time together.  Find common ground; a fellowship group, art classes, mountain bikes, antique shopping, etc.
  • Don’t take offense.  We all have attitudes and actions that could cause a breach in our friendship.  Be forgiving and extend grace.  I can’t imagine a relationship that doesn’t have tiffs and ups and downs, but pressing through and finding the joy that started it all will bring the focus back.
  • Always be encouraging and up-lifting. Don’t settle in the wasteland of gossip or pettiness.  We all have our frailties.  Pray for one another.

I could go on and on, telling stories of my successful, dear friendships and the ones that ended on the rocks shipwrecked.  I will save it for another episode…stay tuned! 

An old Turkish proverb says, “He who seeks a perfect friend remains without one.”

Have a great week!

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