Be Brave

Be Brave

This weekend I took a one-day class at a local scrapbooking store, taught by Stephanie Ackerman.  Stephanie is a doodler and artist associated with her Etsy Shop, Documented Faith.  She does awesome work in illustrating art journals and illustrating the Bible. I appreciated her teaching style and her dedication to the purpose that God has given to her.  Really, I had so much fun learning new processes and techniques.

We started with penciling in our designs, then used a fine-tipped marker to outline our work.

Brave pencil

Our next challenge was to fill in every space with watercolors.  I think it gives this piece a little BOHO feel.

brave1At this season of my life the Lord is challenging me with all kinds of new things; things so outside my box that I sit back and ask,”Is all of this really Him?”  I know it is for me, because of the peace in my Spirit and because He asks us to walk by faith.  Yikes! Have you been challenged lately to do new things, to think differently about everything around you, or to associate  with people that you are not normally attracted to as friends?  It is scary but He never calls you to do anything that He doesn’t back you up on, and He holds you tight right through the challenge.

Be Brave!

Go where you’ve never gone before, try new adventures, find new friends, bring life to others, and definitely have fun!  Step out of the boat onto unknown waters.

Go to:

Documented Faith  with Stephanie Ackerman  for more information

Illustrated Faith  for inspiration on Bible journaling.

The Adventure Begins

On My Globe-trekking Way….


I felt that this year would be the beginning of God’s promises in your life and that His Holy Spirit would begin to work through your circumstances to align you to His will…that includes me, too!  My heart has been desperate and patient at the same time for the Lord to open the doors for the calling on my life.  I was drastically changed on my first “mission” trip to Africa and my new found perspective of reaching people groups throughout the Earth.

It has been seven years since my  last journey and adventure, waiting for God to call me again to divine adventures abroad.  Finally, I am going…this time to Vietnam.  I will be leaving in late May for two weeks with my son, Peter (the ultimate spontaneous risk-taker), to join Rescue Humanity’s team for medical and dental outreaches from Ho Chi Minh City to northern Da Nang.

I am so excited!  We will be visiting orphanages along the way, working with disabled children and youth, filling our visit with wonderful new experiences and delightful participation in a rich environment and culture.   Traveling primarily along the coastline of Vietnam, we will be in a coastal paradise with many opportunities to help others and give of our talents and experience.

Follow our journey as I blog the day-to-day activities  as we experience them.

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Please pray for divine appointments, favor, peace, unity, provision, God’s presence, healing, and God’s protection.

There are opportunities for more team members if you are interested and would like to come join us on this life changing adventure. Please contact me if you are interested : 

If you would like to share a blessing and sow into this adventure financially, please prayerfully consider giving to help the poor and needy.  Contact me by email and I can give you more details about how you can give. I would love to hear from you even with any questions that you might have and I want to create a “group” on Facebook so  you can get regular up-to-date reports. Blessings to you!


This adventure is sponsored by Rescue Humanity – a non-profit organization.  Visit them at

All contributions are 100% tax-deductible.

Weekend in Gold Country

Calavaras County

I went to visit my sister who lives in Murphys, California.  This time of year it is so green and lush the hills look like Ireland (maybe because the town was named after an Irish family!).  Here are some of the amazing things I saw there…

cvcogreeCan you believe how beautiful it is in Calavaras County this time of year?


We went to Ironstone Winery where there were acres and acres of daffodils planted everywhere.




Calvco 3


Calco 4The museum had wonderful pieces of history like this old buggy.

photo 2This is a 44 pound gold nugget on display in the winery museum found in 1998.

My sister, Shaun, and I found so many things in common that we love to do including paper-crafting and gardening, the love of a good story, and catching up on old friends and family. We spent  hours visiting local businesses, eating amazing food, and making succulent gardens,  here is one of our masterpieces.

succs in a box

yes picShaun also gave me cuttings of plants I can use in my garden.

hensand chicksOur mom had a fabulous “green thumb” and could make anything grow.  She always had Hens and Chicks succulents which she continually propagated, I have some of those which are more than 50 years old from an original plant she got from her mom.

Well, it was a fabulous get away and I am looking forward to another visit.

Vacation Daze

Road Trip Days #4

We are loving all the days on the road, seeing things we have never imagined.  Sedona, Arizona is an absolutely wonderful and beautiful place. The natural rock formations that surround this area are an incredible testimony of God’s imagination and glory.  I thought I’d just give you a small view of  what we’ve experienced, it has been such a great place to journey to on this vacation.

sedona3sedona6 Sedona7 sedona5 sedona2 Sedona1These pictures don’t even do justice to the grandeur and scope of Sedona.

Carl and Peter at ancient ruins after off-roading in a jeep.

Our next destination: SoCal and Orange County.

The desert is hot and kept messing with my hair....haha!
The desert is hot and kept messing with my hair….haha!

My African Adventure – Part 4

Our Final Journey

Veronica mugDay 9

This was our last day in Africa.  We packed very early because we had one more adventure to experience before we left for the airport.  Our team was taking a boat sight-seeing trip up the Nile River to Murchison Falls.  It was a spectacular sight to see because of the power and majesty of all that crashing water from the top of the falls. It was so hard to describe because it was breath-taking and amazing.  Many of the team went to the second story of the boat but it became too top heavy with the weight and we almost capsized. That would have been disastrous with all the crocodiles in the water and along the banks, not to mention the herds of hippos.

day9 1Since the power of the water from the falls was so intense the boats were not able to get as close as we would have liked, and even at that distance we were getting wet from the spray coming off the descending water.

When the boat trip ended we loaded our busses again for the nine hour trip back to Entebbe Airport in Kampala.  This time we knew what to expect so we began to get playful on the bus with the abundance of anointing that we carried from the Holy Ghost.  We organized a “fire tunnel” down the aisle of the bus between the seats, which was crazy because there OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwas no extra room to do this. If it was your turn to travel the aisle, it meant you fell anywhere under the power of God, mostly on each other. During your turn to walk (or float!) the tunnel everyone you passed gave you a prophetic word.  Some of the ones that I can remember were “fire-breather”, “mother of many spiritual children”, “victorious”, “beautiful”, “spark plug”, “surfs up”, and “singer”.  It was so memorable and cool and a great way to end our journey together.

One other thing we did was the “Holy Ghost electric chair”…I’m not kidding.  Someone was put in the middle seat and everyone spoke in tongues for one minute then everyone laid hands on you.  It literally felt like being struck by lightning, the power was so strong.

We stopped for lunch at a well-known restaurant in a hotel in Minsindi, probably the most American place we’d been in Africa.  The food was recognizable!  I ate lots of the fried fish, it was the first time I’d eaten tilapia, freshly caught in the Nile River that morning.

We arrived back in Kampala just as the sun was setting.  We’d traveled farther because it was a long trip all the way through from the Nile River and lodge to the airport.  We were all sad that it OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwas over.  We had become a big family and so one in the Spirit, and now many of us would be going in all directions to go home.  We experienced so much liberty and freedom; nothing like we had ever had before. Now we would have to fly that long twenty plus hours to New York City and beyond.

By the time I got to JFK airport, exhaustion had set in and I had another six hours to fly back to California, then four more hours in a car until I reached my home.  I was in a daze.  My African adventure had stretched everything in me and I’d really found out how much faith and courage I had to do that awesome trip.

Coming back to “civilization” was not as fun as I thought it would be.  I loved the grace and relationships I’d formed, and the reality check of “normal” was something I’d never thought I’d feel.  My friend told me I would be wrecked forever after this trip and it was totally true.  I found a passion I never knew before and my heart was forever changed.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThank you for letting me share my story.  I hope more than anything that you may want to find adventure.  It only starts when you step out of your comfort zone and God meets you with an abundance of grace beyond your imagination.  God is an awesome God and He rejoices when you take a risk.  Have fun!

 (Note:  All of our “games” were something at that time spontaneously done, and I don’t think that it would have been an activity that could be duplicated in the same way if others were trying it.  We had a blast in that season.)