Fall is Here!

Fall is in the Air!

I’ve been busy decorating my house, so I thought I’d show you some pics of what I’ve done.


I made this tablecloth on Thursday! (See below for inspiration.)

Fall makes me feel very creative and so beyond willing to sew, cook, paint, decorate, and do some gardening.



pumpandcage pumpkin-and-crow bastion-the velvet-pumpkins1 tables-cape bats-on-the-wall

This is about as scary as I get for Halloween, I really don’t like the spooky, witchy stuff!


Inspiration for My Fall Tablecloth

I found this pretty black and white graphic tablecloth on the Better Homes and Gardens website (BHG.com) and if you want to find it, type “pumpkin tablecloth” in the search button.  I just had to make it.


More photos of what I did:

I changed the base to some fabric that I already had instead of plain off-white.  I realized when I was making this that I really missed embroidery and hand stitching, maybe I need to take it up again.




Rediscovering Potential

Taking the Old and Refreshing (One-Year Challenge*)

It’s amazing what a little paint can do!

This house hadn’t really changed in over 40 years; same curtains, ugly brick decor, yellow accent wall, carpets, and furniture arrangement.  Being a creative type of person, I always rearrange, change, and improve the environment around me.  Just ask my husband how many times the furniture has been moved or new pieces of art decor has changed walls.  I guess I haven’t changed since I’ve been on a journey to improve this old house and make it fresh.  Paint does wonders and a little bit of deconstruction.

xmas yellow wallFor some reason I’ve never been attracted to bright colors and this yellow was constantly screaming at me to change it.  So one day I just painted it.

Yellow Wall

Paint progress

ImprovementThis is only the beginning.  I had to paint the ugly brick in several parts of the room.


There was pink mortar between the bricks.  It didn’t show up as well in the picture below.

fireplace b&A

finished fireplace

A little bit of effort and vision can go a long way to make things like new.  What project will you take on?  Be bold, look around to see things as they could be, with a bit of imagination and labor – the possibilities are endless.

endNow I’m half way done, on to the other side of the room.

Painting tip:  to get that precision straight line of paint between the ceiling and the wall – use masking tape on the ceiling at the edge, then paint the ceiling color paint on the wall overlapping the tape.  Next paint the wall and when its dry pull the tape off for a crisp, clean edge.IMG_1039

*One-Year Challenge: Part of my 2016 goals were to improve as many parts of this house before the year’s end.  Keep looking for more home improvements!


Changes, Changes, Changes

fall signI love it when I actually feel the changes of the season.  The sun is in a different position in the sky that fills my rooms with light, in tiny corners not touched all summer. Neighbors decorating their porches with quintessential essence of autumn days; pumpkins, wreaths of orange, yellow, and brown, and pots of chrysanthemums lining their walkways.  It brings back so many memories of the awesome holiday smells of cinnamon and spice, of course Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread Lattes, and family gatherings.

Here is a tiny gallery of  autumn decorating in my home away from home:

autum 4






reautumn3Loving a new face on decorating- great change up!

Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration for your Home

I love to decorate and change always inspires me.  How many of you go to your friend’s or family’s homes and start to imagine how you would change things up to make it a much more beautiful space?  I do.  Every space can use an upgrade at one time or another and sometimes it is just changing the furniture around to different places in your home.  My family has seen our home(s) constantly changing over the years, they are surprised when I give myself a rest in moving.  I think it’s my creative side and I love change…it makes everything seem new.

Here is just a little journey of how I found what I truly love in decorating.

I got a big, old binder and everything I could find on the internet, in magazines, and books and I made a compilation of everything that inspired me. Paint colors, pictures, vignettes, furniture, wall decor, rugs, and how tos began to fill up every page.  When I went out treasure hunting at thrift stores or yard sales I would know exactly what I was looking out for and after a while it all came together, finding just what I wanted.

c2Pages from my binder filled with the things I love.

c3Paint and fabric samples fill another page so that I can get exactly the right color.

c4Another section filled with notes and exact room dimensions.

c5Pages filled with art and samples to inspire me when I paint my own pictures.

c6Cutouts of furniture and items I already own, and how they are displayed or finished differently.

c7Pictures of things I definitely want to do and making plans.

c8Inspiration of things I already have done…I’ve made these boxes for my home office storage.

c9I made these blue ticking balls for decoration.

Take a field trip for inspiration:

One day I wanted to get inspired and I knew of a great decorating store close by, so I went to go “eye-candy” shopping.  The following pictures were taken in Nantucket Home store in Chico, California.  The pictures really don’t do justice to the awe-inspiring atmosphere of this entire store.



photo 4 (3)Broken plate chips made into refrigerator magnets.


booksTake time everyday to be inspired by new and different things that you may have not imagined before.  Keep a portfolio of all the things you like and it will help you find your own style by the consistent things you add to it. (That’s how I found my personal style of decorating, because I loved so many individual things.  I had a mish-mash of all kinds of styles, but nothing concrete to build a foundation on, until I made my binder.)

keep on

Fall is in the Air

Season Change

From glamorous to rustic and natural, fall decor ideas come in many ways. Here are a few of my favorite ideas, enjoy!

3d44b24b28964603a435762d22fc6dfeSimple but elegant.

d0da1450d4605f6473ceaecdcda5b33dUltra glam.

f4053309d78e9462f1dbd740c70bf2f8Use natural elements to create a sublime tablescape.


glam pumpkin thistlewoodfarmsMore glam and popping style.

goodie coneYummy goodies. store-bought waffle cones with goodies: yogurt raisins, roasted corn nuts, candied pecans and goldfish. Reese’s pieces and candy corn for a sweeter version! Tie on a ribbon or raffia bow.

Hannah Queen flickerOutdoor goodness.

pnpflowersincSimple pumpkin made from canning lids. For intructions go to: www.pnpflowersinc.com/2012/11/craft-vintage-farmhouse-pumpkin.html

917cba168488cb22ff1e07ce77c1efa9Shaker style simplicity.

aa1cbadf71ff5da5220565b51ae2d527Using ordinary natural elements to create a elegant centerpiece.

As you probably guessed I’m very fond of white pumpkins though any of these ideas can be used with other colors as well, just think how beautiful blue pumpkins would be!    Have a great weekend!  Be inspired.