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Painting and Mixed Media

This is one rainy day of seven more that are coming.  The drought is definitely over in California.  I have nowhere to go while the rain falls, so I’m working in my studio on new art work and different techniques; using pastels, watercolors, collage papers, foils, oil pastels, Pitt pens, spray inks, and anything I can find that grabs my imagination.  I am evolving.  My style and progression of all things creative are changing by the day.  I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve done in the past six months, basically focusing recently on angels.  There are more in the works.

Please leave a comment of what you think.  Love you and have a blessed day!


4 thoughts on “Recent Art

  1. I’m particularly draw to the top picture of what I’m assuming are 3 angels. I am the 3 of three sisters. This picture reminds me of us and the times we remembered each other. It was always a “rule” that if one of us came across something fun or intriguing and were going to acquire it, it must be acquired in threes. I have very fond memories of my oldest sister making and sharing many beautiful things. I am 22 years younger than she and 17 years younger than my next sister. I’m not quite sure why I mention that except that it is part of our story. And I cherish that story. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  2. Annie, your angels are so beautiful and luminous! I think it’s great that you are dabbling in so many mediums! I miss you!

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