God’s Remarkable Love

Maybe You Have Forgotten

We live in such a fast paced world with so many options that it can distract you from the simple truth of who we really are.  Once in a while we need to stop and take a deep breath, then remember some of the things that made you fall in love with Jesus in the first place. Ransom113015Ransomed:   Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice, He gave His life in exchange of yours.  God came down in human form so that we could be reconciled to the Father, who originally made us to be in deep fellowship with His heart.  Humankind rejected this love and sought to make the lord of the Earth their god.  Jesus built the bridge for us to be joined once more, we just needed to cross over by believing in Him.  His ransom paid the price to eternal life and hope.

Adopted:  As new believers we became sons and daughters of the Most High God, with all the privileges, blessings, friends, relationships, and the great love that carries us.  We are no longer orphans trying to make our lives work, but the Holy Spirit now lives in us to do the work of restoration and belonging.  We are accepted in the Beloved, we belong to the greatest Kingdom as treasured children.

Freed:  We are now free to be who we were always meant to be, our true selves…better and richer than we could have ever imagined.  God’s ways are limitless and He gives us the freedom to live a limitless and awesome life…one where He imagines you at every moment to be complete and whole. He created us for His good pleasure; loved and adored by Him.

Blessings:  God is good and His intentions are always for our well-being, so that we can enjoy the whole, wonderful world He has given us.  We are truly blessed with what He paid for – your life to live abundantly with all spiritual blessings, great grace, and unfathomable love.

Take a moment and reflect on God’s love and great heart for you!

New Hiding Places

The She Shed

I’ve suddenly got a huge burst of creative energy and onto a new project.  Didn’t I just post that I was going to finish all the backlogged projects first?  I am, I am.  The weather finally cooled off to a lovely 85 degrees and I can actually work outside without wilting.  I was itching to get started on something around “the estate” but had to settle into having to wait until fall, when the high temperatures subsided.  Yesterday morning I was wide awake at 4:30 am and found my creative mojo was in full force.

My inspiration came from the internet and all the talk about “She Sheds” – the newest trends for women.  After all, the “man cave” has been a topic for years, why not a special place for us gals.  Since I already have the bones for a good place to start; the bath house out back used in the old days to change and shower, now just a storage shed of sorts.

sheshed2It has two large windows and a little covered patio off to the side.  Does it look like it needs a lot of work? Yes! Though the structure is solid and really needs just some cosmetic changes. (A little heavenly light beams falling around this space, lolsheshed1

First getting rid of the warped boards on the pergola above the patio.  I had help on getting those down, but when I saw all those lovely, aged redwood strip still  in great condition, I couldn’t help myself in conjuring numerous ideas to reuse those for future projects.

redwood sheshedAfter I pulled a billion a few hundred nails, I had a treasure trove of resources!

Here are some of the inspiring pictures of other she sheds that some pretty creative people have done.  You can even use an old travel trailer to fix up to call your little get away!



One person’s comment was this:

She-Shed-Essentials-1024x834I have a feeling that I won’t be the only one using this space when it is all done.  Stay tuned for developing new updates.

The Adventure Begins

On My Globe-trekking Way….


I felt that this year would be the beginning of God’s promises in your life and that His Holy Spirit would begin to work through your circumstances to align you to His will…that includes me, too!  My heart has been desperate and patient at the same time for the Lord to open the doors for the calling on my life.  I was drastically changed on my first “mission” trip to Africa and my new found perspective of reaching people groups throughout the Earth.

It has been seven years since my  last journey and adventure, waiting for God to call me again to divine adventures abroad.  Finally, I am going…this time to Vietnam.  I will be leaving in late May for two weeks with my son, Peter (the ultimate spontaneous risk-taker), to join Rescue Humanity’s team for medical and dental outreaches from Ho Chi Minh City to northern Da Nang.

I am so excited!  We will be visiting orphanages along the way, working with disabled children and youth, filling our visit with wonderful new experiences and delightful participation in a rich environment and culture.   Traveling primarily along the coastline of Vietnam, we will be in a coastal paradise with many opportunities to help others and give of our talents and experience.

Follow our journey as I blog the day-to-day activities  as we experience them.

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Please pray for divine appointments, favor, peace, unity, provision, God’s presence, healing, and God’s protection.

There are opportunities for more team members if you are interested and would like to come join us on this life changing adventure. Please contact me if you are interested : theonething1721@gmail.com 

If you would like to share a blessing and sow into this adventure financially, please prayerfully consider giving to help the poor and needy.  Contact me by email and I can give you more details about how you can give. I would love to hear from you even with any questions that you might have and I want to create a “group” on Facebook so  you can get regular up-to-date reports. Blessings to you!


This adventure is sponsored by Rescue Humanity – a non-profit organization.  Visit them at rescuehumanity.com

All contributions are 100% tax-deductible.