Prophetic Word

Prophetic Word for March

I’m feeling the impression to bring a word of hope today, inspired for this season.  Maybe it will encourage you.

All these years the Lord has been depositing seeds into your spirit, from promises, from encounters, and people speaking into your life. They have been dormant for a while, perhaps a very long time. Perhaps you have forgotten or thought with discouragement that those promises would never come to pass, or you have begun to give up, that you have just been forgotten. Remember God’s promises are “YES” and “AMEN”!  Even if you don’t feel or know any specific promise or word given to you, begin to claim what God has promised in His word.  There are so many promises in the Bible regarding health, provision, children, etc.  His  word abides forever, there is no expiration date!

Those promised and inspired words need to be watered with prayer,  believing God for them to take root, and an unwavering knowing that He loves you and always keeps His promises. Watering will bring them to life, even after decades of being dormant.  Those promises will begin to sprout.  This is the day that those seedling will begin to come forth bursting from the ground of your spirit, fulfilled in a way that you can not even imagine.  The  provision for those promises are from God’s own hand.  The soil that those seeds were deposited into is now fertile and crafted to give nourishment to what is to come. They will begin to bring forth fruit, bearing abundance not only for you but the world around you. Now is the time! Now is the time! Now is the time!  Water!


The Adventure Begins

On My Globe-trekking Way….


I felt that this year would be the beginning of God’s promises in your life and that His Holy Spirit would begin to work through your circumstances to align you to His will…that includes me, too!  My heart has been desperate and patient at the same time for the Lord to open the doors for the calling on my life.  I was drastically changed on my first “mission” trip to Africa and my new found perspective of reaching people groups throughout the Earth.

It has been seven years since my  last journey and adventure, waiting for God to call me again to divine adventures abroad.  Finally, I am going…this time to Vietnam.  I will be leaving in late May for two weeks with my son, Peter (the ultimate spontaneous risk-taker), to join Rescue Humanity’s team for medical and dental outreaches from Ho Chi Minh City to northern Da Nang.

I am so excited!  We will be visiting orphanages along the way, working with disabled children and youth, filling our visit with wonderful new experiences and delightful participation in a rich environment and culture.   Traveling primarily along the coastline of Vietnam, we will be in a coastal paradise with many opportunities to help others and give of our talents and experience.

Follow our journey as I blog the day-to-day activities  as we experience them.

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Please pray for divine appointments, favor, peace, unity, provision, God’s presence, healing, and God’s protection.

There are opportunities for more team members if you are interested and would like to come join us on this life changing adventure. Please contact me if you are interested : 

If you would like to share a blessing and sow into this adventure financially, please prayerfully consider giving to help the poor and needy.  Contact me by email and I can give you more details about how you can give. I would love to hear from you even with any questions that you might have and I want to create a “group” on Facebook so  you can get regular up-to-date reports. Blessings to you!


This adventure is sponsored by Rescue Humanity – a non-profit organization.  Visit them at

All contributions are 100% tax-deductible.

Deeper Still

Reviewing 2008

In our lives we sometimes don’t understand exactly what God is doing or saying. When we ask, “God, I don’t know what is going on and I can’t hear your voice.” We have a sure way of understanding His purposes: His promises to us; whether in the Word, dreams, visions, or the Holy Spirit speaking to our hearts.

Recently, a prominent Christian leader suggested to look back at the year 2008 to see where we were going and what God was saying then. That was the year the world changed; economically, politically, and personally. I know in my own life it was a very significant season and things did change.  I can look back at my journal of 2008 and see exactly what it was that was going on by what I wrote. I was very surprised by the specifics of what happened (I had forgotten most of it), especially the passion that I had in seeking the Lord.  I realized that I wanted to return to that place of utter faith and dependence on Him.  My heart was crying out then and as I read more over that year my heart began to yearn more deeply for the things of God now.  This became a prayer:

deep calls unto deepWhat was God speaking to you in 2008? How does it change your life now? Do you want to go deeper and deeper still?

21-day Challenge Continues

Working Out

This is a long post today because I am catching up on the entire rest of this challenge. I feel like I am so inspired with its completion and have gained new insight into taking risks and finishing them to the end.  It really has been a blessing!

Days 9-12

days9101112Day 9 – 100 Crunches

Like the picture says, I would rather be crunching cookies but I got through them all.  I don’t think there was a disclaimer in this challenge about how sore you would be the next day!

Day 10 – Favorite Supplements

Fortunately, I had just visited my sister who has a doctorate in natural health and taught me about the supplements I needed for my specific body needs and after a couple of days, I could feel the difference.  It was always just a guess about what supplements to take before and now I have favorites just for me.

Day 11 – Favorite Breakfast

My favorite is always a “green” drink filled with so many nutritional goodies.

Day 12 – Get Outside

I love working in the garden and planting new things.  Lots of sunshine and the feeling of accomplishing something that will turn out so lovely.  Day 12, I planted all kinds of flowers and lavender.

Days 13-16


Day 13 – Favorite Veggies

Fortunately, we had a mom who introduced us to many vegetables as children, so we learned to love a huge variety.  I think it is so sad that parents let their kids be picky eaters and some folks don’t even figure vegetables into their meat and potatoes diets – potatoes being the only veggie.

Day 14 – 60 Second Plank

This challenge was a toughie.  My 90 year old mother-in-law can do a two-minute plank and I tanked at about 15 seconds…I’m going to keep working on this one and eventually will “get  ‘er done”.

Day 15 – Favorite Healthy Dessert

Fresh fruit is always my favorite…no specific one, I just love them all!

Day 16 – Rest

Power naps are like medicine to me.  If I am exhausted or just need refreshing, I’ll lie down for 10-15 minutes and doze.  I am always amazed by the new energy and mental clarity I have afterwards.  I know it is hard for some to “turn off” so quickly, but all those long road trips as a kid must have trained me.

Days 17-20


Day 17 – Favorite Snack

It is always changing, but currently I love the Kind bars.  If I’m famished and in between meals they are a great pick-me-up and will sustain me until the next chow time.

Day 18 – Favorite Quote

“Being possessed by the promises, I live without options.” – Bill Johnson (from When Heaven Invades Earth, book).   When I was reading this book many years ago and I came across this portion and I began to weep.  I realized that the most  important part of my life were the promises that the Lord has given me for this life and that is what I live for.  The destiny that God has given to me is my goal and purpose, and without that hope I will never find my life to be complete or fulfilling.  Of course, there is a deep, and deeper still meaning for me in this quote but those are the secrets that God gives to each of us…remember Mary pondered in her heart all the things that the angel, Gabriel, spoke to her about the promises concerning Jesus and his birth. We each have promises in our lives that are yet to be fulfilled.

Day 19 – Favorite Fruit

I love all kinds, but if I have a craving for a particular kind, it would be a juicy, ripe pear.  Yummy goodness.

Day 20 – 100 Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks always remind me of gym class.  Not my favorite – too bouncy and not a natural movement for your body.  I love a calm stretching workout, sometimes with free weights

Day 21 – Finally! Best Selfie

selfieI finished this challenge with a happy heart.  It was absolutely fun and I felt so accomplished (despite several interruptions to my schedule – like traveling), and it was hilarious having an interactive bunch of fellow challengers on #GWM2015.  Everyone was so enthusiastic and I felt like cheering them all on to finish this race. They say that if you do something for 21 days straight that it will become a habit…so far, I would miss this new daily workout if things were to change.

Keeping Up on the 21-Day Challenge

Journal Pages of Days 5-8

days5-8Day 5: 50 Squat Challenge

It was a really big challenge since I hadn’t done a single squat in a few years.  Fortunately, I got the big idea of using grandma’s handy-bar for balance and to hold onto.  It took me all day doing 10 squats at a time, but I got them done!

Day 6: Favorite Recipe

Thanks to my sister, Shaun, who helped me with this one with her favorite, because I’m living out of town without any of my best recipes and had to rely on Grain Free Muffins. Yummy!

Day 7: Fitness Inspiration

Beni Johnson is my inspiration.  She is my age and she was determined to gain her health and her physical strength back.  I’ve watched her progress for a while via Facebook and Instagram and her determination and passion for betterment really tells a wonderful story.  When Beni put out her challenge, I had to respond…I couldn’t resist.  Thank you!

Day 8: Soul Health

Whatever makes you feel peaceful and brings back vitality to your soul was the feature theme for this day.  Always and forever the beach, waves, and surf will bring me to my happy place!

On to the rest of the challenge, coming soon!  I am having a blast and never imagined for a second that I would make it this far.