Ornaments 2014

Altered Altoid Tin Lids

I guess because I have so many Altoid tins that I’ve collected over the years, I figured I’d do something with them again.  Last year I used the bottom of the tins turning them into ornaments, that became my most pinned pin on Pinterest!  Those ornaments are still my #1…but I still had all the lids to turn into projects and decided to make a few more.

Last year’s review:  2013 Altered Altoid tins.

Varieties finished
Varieties finished

Here is my new 2014 line-up of tins:

2014altoidornThese are much more colorful and detailed (just goes to prove with practice you can improve).

believeorn - Copy cheerorn - Copy joyorn - Copy loveorn1 - Copy loveorn2 - Copy merryorn peaceorn treeorn


More Treasures

Look  What I Found!

IMG_0001-001While cleaning out the “back house” (a solar alternative studio), I found these treasures.  One was a high quality desk that was dirty and the external finish neglected for decades; covered in dust and spider webs.  The other piece is a mid-century modern chair, also of superior quality and super sturdy; just waiting to be rescued and given new life.

The desk:


IMG_0004-001Details of the desk.  Notice the dove-tailed joints and solid wood craftsmanship.

furniture redo4All finished and beautiful once again! (please ignore the cable wires)

One rule of thumb concerning painting furniture or not, according to my mom who was an antique dealer….Never paint or refinish pieces that have a stand alone beauty, the value of the piece rapidly declines. (Just watch Antiques Roadshow on PBS!)  I decided to let this one just be cleaned, oiled (the wood was very dry), and waxed, no poly acrylic sealer of any kind.  Sometimes I literally freak out when I see beautiful pieces that have been painted on Pinterest, just because it is a fad to do so.  Let the beauty stand alone.

Next: The Chair

furniture redo3This piece was a toss up as to what to do with it.  I really don’t care for modern furniture, though I do like the simple lines (my family-in-law has a house full).  Mid-century modern only keeps its worth pretty much in its original form.  The yellowed Varathane that they used to finish most of those pieces is sad and dated.  While taking this chair apart I am trying to decide what to do with this 1951 treasure.  Keep your eyes open for the reveal soon.

Christmas in September

Since I am not at my real home for the next few weeks I was having withdrawals from not doing any artwork, and decided to go hunting for a scrap booking store to just look at the beautiful papers (sigh!). I found a pretty amazing place close by, and after hunting around I felt very inspired and  all giddy thinking I needed to get going on my Christmas craft projects and so I bought some supplies to try something different.  Check out some of the things I bought, now lets see what I’ll create!

Christmas 1

Most Repinned on Pinterest

These are the most repinned Pins on my Pinterest boards:

Christmas Altoid Altered Tins on my Holiday board


Varieties finished

And this favorite Saying or Quote:

God will provide

My input on what this means: 

This is so true!!!     Many times when we have been in need, God has always supplied those needs in many and various ways.  We have gone on mission trips to places like India and we were supernaturally left money on our doorstep, the next time our way was paid for and we had to pay the money back, and still another time we went with nothing, and had to trust God along the way every day.  The Lord wants us to trust Him, not methods or manipulation (trying to figure it all out on our own).

We had other means of financing trips and projects: selling all that we could – even cars, working part-time jobs, and trading services.  God is creative, He wants to bring ideas to you that you wouldn’t think of except by a “word of knowledge”, by the Holy Spirit.  Believe Him for the things you need, He will supply them beyond what you can think of or ask for!  I love that about God!  Once when I needed money for a trip He specifically told me, “When you were a child and you went on a road trip, did you ever question your dad about where you would sleep, what you would eat, or how much the trip would cost?” I had to say “no”.  “So put that same kind of trust in Me and I will take you where you need to go!”  I have never forgotten that!


Christmas Time

Christmas at Our House

I wish you all an absolutely wonderful Christmas holiday and a glorious New Year!


Going into this holiday, as far as decorating, my thoughts were “white” and “vintage”.  After working weeks and weeks on craft projects and finding the right decorations; I finally finished.  All I need to do now is wrap presents and cook the family dinner.  Then I get to rest!

Details of the tree….

Some of the ornaments that I made. The top left picture is the handmade star tree topper.
I even made a paper chain with antique paper.


Here are the stockings I made to go with the decor, I didn’t use our family relics this year, but started from scratch.

The letter medallions are removable so that I could re-gift them next year.
The letter medallions are removable so that I could re-gift them next year.



IMG_0457Finally, the real reason we celebrate this time of year…

My daughter found these Nativity figurines at Good Will – 1/2 price, which fit my “white” theme, so I have displayed them in a tablescape.

Merry Christmas to all!  May your coming year be blessed with all the desires of your heart, favor, and riches in the Holy Spirit! Love to you!

Christmas Ornaments part 3

More Ornaments Made!

Continuing my splurge of ideas and craft making marathon, I came up with some mixed media vintage ornaments.  They were so much fun to make and I am giving you a few ideas that you can make on your own.

ornament tree waterm


Collage waterm

I am still creating everyday.

Below is a preview of what is to come, and soon I’ll be onto my sewing projects.  Then the big house tour reveal, everything coming together…I can’t wait to show you how it all has transpired.  Keep watching my blog!

watm white spray paintWhite spray painting everything: paper machè deer head, Martha Stewart wreath of bells (previously pink), and Nutcracker candlesticks (cheap picks of course) – all going into the styling of our house for Christmas.