Is He Knocking on the Door of your Heart?

3 doorsDoors

The Lord gave me a word today, so I thought I’d share it:

Doors of destiny are beginning to open in your life with opportunities for new ideas, strategies, and creativity.  These doors will open when our hearts are surrendered to the Holy Spirit and not tainted by presumption, fear, prejudice, and pride.

  • Presumption:  Assuming you know exactly what God is saying without consulting His Wisdom and timing.
  • Fear:  These new doors open by following the Holy Spirit by faith, without timidity and fear – because without faith it is impossible to please God*.
  • Prejudice:  When you determine God’s will for yourself, because you can’t see outside the box – not willing to accept that He may be calling you to new things, people, and places, outside your comfort zone and ideals.
  • Pride:  Resisting God and not walking in humility with a contrite heart, and laziness.

These doors open the Kingdom glory, power, and purpose… designed in your life to do the “greater things” that Jesus spoke of.   The greater things in you, your community, and in the world.  God wants to set the world on fire with the knowledge of Him and the Glory that shall cover the Earth…coming with the exaltation of His Son, Jesus.  What better way to walk into your destiny than by opening the doors that He is knocking on now, revealing His heart to you.

*Hebrews 11:6

Door CollageWhich do you choose?

Cards, Cards, Cards

New Decorative Cards

I’ve been working to perfect my card making skills♥ and trying to use new techniques I’ve learned from the local scrapbooking store on their “Make and Take Days”, every Wednesday.  I needed decided to create my own cards for recent holidays, events, and thank yous.  Even though time-wise it is labor intensive, the satisfaction factor is so rewarding…creativity brings a level of happiness!

Card1 card2 card3 card4 card5 card6 card7I hope you find the inspiration to make your own cards.  We were born to create!

Have a great weekend!

Projects Galore

Finding Your Groove in Day-to-Day Projects

I may have been pretty silent lately, but never still.  I work on up coming projects almost everyday.  I am trying new styles, new materials, and new media.  This is officially National Scrap-booking Month and to stay current in all things paper, I enrolled my daughter and myself in a one day class that lasted 12 hours. We could only make one day though it was an entire 3-day weekend.  It was so much fun and we learned a lot about tools, methods, and got inspired to do more.

I am not a scrap-booking person per se,  and would rather do projects in mixed media, so that is why the project we did had more form than framing pictures for an album.  Everybody’s box was so unique and full of different styles.  It took hours to make with all the cutting and gluing and papering.  I can’t wait to use it on my dresser for a caddy to throw my stuff in and actually look organized.

box1My box was more rustic and funky, while my daughter’s creation was more sophisticated and modern.

Here is a sneak peek of up coming projects in the works – waiting to be finished.

project CollageI encourage you to find your groove and be creative!  I know when I am creating something I am so happy!