Happy Easter!

He is Risen!

Easter should be the greatest holiday.  It is the day that Jesus paid it all and overcame death and the power of the evil one, forever and ever! His love for us gave us new life and access to our Father.  There is no better gift than His gift of eternal life.

“He swallowed up death in victory; the Lord God will wipe away tears from all their faces; he will take the reproach from his people and the earth, for the Lord has spoken it!”  Isaiah 25: 8

Easter Connection

My first job was being the Easter bunny during Easter break; working for a department store in Honolulu.  You can imagine how hot it was in that costume in the tropical heat.  I made good money for a seven year old though.  My older sister played the bigger bunny.  It was so much fun…I even got to ride with the governor of Hawaii on the back of the limousine for the Easter parade.

My Easter Decor

The handmade wooden eggs that I decorated so many years ago…an Easter tradition.


Have a wonderful time celebrating new life with your family and friends!  

Easter blessings to you!

Fall is Here!

Fall is in the Air!

I’ve been busy decorating my house, so I thought I’d show you some pics of what I’ve done.


I made this tablecloth on Thursday! (See below for inspiration.)

Fall makes me feel very creative and so beyond willing to sew, cook, paint, decorate, and do some gardening.



pumpandcage pumpkin-and-crow bastion-the velvet-pumpkins1 tables-cape bats-on-the-wall

This is about as scary as I get for Halloween, I really don’t like the spooky, witchy stuff!


Inspiration for My Fall Tablecloth

I found this pretty black and white graphic tablecloth on the Better Homes and Gardens website (BHG.com) and if you want to find it, type “pumpkin tablecloth” in the search button.  I just had to make it.


More photos of what I did:

I changed the base to some fabric that I already had instead of plain off-white.  I realized when I was making this that I really missed embroidery and hand stitching, maybe I need to take it up again.





Progress on My One-Year Challenge

There are just not enough hours in a day, period!  Even though I plan full days to accomplish on-going goals, I can’t win…there are just too many things to do and I run out of time.  I’m absolutely not complaining, I just want to do everything!  (Smile)  Here is a review of some of projects, updates, and progress in my world…

Painting the House






We even added solar panels to our house and upgraded the electrical wiring.  We wanted a more contemporary look, with modern colors.



The Studio





I am so excited realizing that progress has actually taken place so we can begin new adventures and purposes in the journey ahead.  I can now work on interiors and get my studio space off the ground.  Soon a new sign will be hung: Flourishing Design Studio.  (Shhh, progress on new changes to my business and going forward will be a reality.)

Rediscovering Potential

Taking the Old and Refreshing (One-Year Challenge*)

It’s amazing what a little paint can do!

This house hadn’t really changed in over 40 years; same curtains, ugly brick decor, yellow accent wall, carpets, and furniture arrangement.  Being a creative type of person, I always rearrange, change, and improve the environment around me.  Just ask my husband how many times the furniture has been moved or new pieces of art decor has changed walls.  I guess I haven’t changed since I’ve been on a journey to improve this old house and make it fresh.  Paint does wonders and a little bit of deconstruction.

xmas yellow wallFor some reason I’ve never been attracted to bright colors and this yellow was constantly screaming at me to change it.  So one day I just painted it.

Yellow Wall

Paint progress

ImprovementThis is only the beginning.  I had to paint the ugly brick in several parts of the room.


There was pink mortar between the bricks.  It didn’t show up as well in the picture below.

fireplace b&A

finished fireplace

A little bit of effort and vision can go a long way to make things like new.  What project will you take on?  Be bold, look around to see things as they could be, with a bit of imagination and labor – the possibilities are endless.

endNow I’m half way done, on to the other side of the room.

Painting tip:  to get that precision straight line of paint between the ceiling and the wall – use masking tape on the ceiling at the edge, then paint the ceiling color paint on the wall overlapping the tape.  Next paint the wall and when its dry pull the tape off for a crisp, clean edge.IMG_1039

*One-Year Challenge: Part of my 2016 goals were to improve as many parts of this house before the year’s end.  Keep looking for more home improvements!

New Year 2016 and Goals

Everything is New!

Happy New Year 860x860

So we’ve come to a brand new year, with new dreams, new hope, new adventures, new purpose.  What we want out of this new year is totally up to us.  We may need to readjust our thinking and habits to accommodate this new way, but as with every new endevour we have to stay on course and focus on what we want.

I don’t think I’ve ever succeeded on any resolutions I’ve made for a new year, but I know that if I set goals ahead of me they generally prosper and are completed.  Not to say that some individuals don’t have strong wills and discipline to tough it out – that’s not me, though generally I’ve found that the little things done every day accomplish big things in the end.  Here are some pointers:

Where to begin

First be realistic, find do-able things that can be done in a year; or you can project for the longer term….keep it simple to actually see results.

3 goals I would start out with no more than three goals that you want to accomplish, more than that can be overwhelming if you don’t keep up.  There is grace for everything that you do and prayer is a big part of success.  Be kind to yourself and don’t give up.  You can always add to your goals when they become a habit – remember a habit is developed when you’ve done something 21 times consecutively.  Keep it simple, like drinking more water every day or deciding to pick up things around the house, putting them in their designated place, every night before you go to bed.

find your song

When success and victory come, you begin to see yourself in a new light and the purpose in your life becomes clearer.  You find a piece of yourself you didn’t know was there.  Your voice becomes clearer and you begin to sing a new song…your mind has become renewed to a recognizable extent.

My way of remembering is I create a board every year with all my goals and desires on it…this is what I’ve done so far.


One thing that I forgot to add to my board is “My Personal One-Year Challenge”.  That is to accomplish as many things as I can to remodel and redecorate our new house.  I began with the “She Shed” restoring it for a personal space (now my husband wants to share the space since the vision for it is coming to pass-ha).  We have already done repairs; putting in a new door and windows, replacing the fence and repurposing the redwood boards for a screened look around the studio…outside paint is the next step.

Before the beginning of our update on the “She Shed” – see post “New Hiding Places” July 24, 2015
During the new update.



Starting to work on the inside, while the weather is bad. Remember whole houses were paneled with this stuff! Will post later how to paint a plastic wall (so you can’t easily scratch the paint off). Sorry wall not will.  Sometimes I hate autocorrect.

Bright days ahead!  Nike has it right, “Just Do It”.  You will succeed, you will change, you will grow in depth and confidence!

Be Bless in this New Year!