Live Every Day to the Fulness

A page from my journal today:


Last Saturday could have been my last…I was taken to emergency where they had to stop my heart and restart it again, absolutely no guarantee that it would work.  My son, Peter, was watching the monitor and saw my heartbeat flatline only to come back seconds later.  When I was under the anesthesia I had a vision of this long, long road and all kinds of people were coming out to greet me and love on me.  Then I woke up.  This was all due to stress and not paying attention and taking care of me.  I do many things for others and tend to neglect important every day things in my life.  Lesson learned.  I’ve had to really rest this week and contemplate what I need to do next.

One thing from this experience that I feel strongly about is that my life is truly in His hands.  We need to listen to the Holy Spirit speaking to us the smallest things, mostly because He is practical and His wisdom is always the truth.  I really feel that my experience was a life changer and I have a new perspective on everything around me…the most important things!  It makes me think of this scripture:

“but you ignore the more important aspects of your [life]—justice, mercy, and faith….. do not neglect the more important things.”  Matthew 23:23 (paraphrased by me)

Obviously, the more important thing for me is to rest and wait on Him, he will restore my heart…I expect a miracle.  Live life to the fullest in Him.


Art Journaling Party

My First Art Journaling Class


It’s been my goal for a while to start taking what I know about journaling and begin to teach others about how to hear from God, and incorporate it by creating an art journal.

JournalsI have been journaling since I was sixteen, then about a road trip our family took to Arizona to visit my grandparents.  Since that time I have written about important events we lived through and everything I could remember about encounters with the Lord.  It is fascinating to read back and see personal growth and changing mindsets over the years, realizing that the Lord set a path before me and how that journey has taken me on a roller coaster ride to the present.  Not everything was a smooth road but He has been so faithful and kind to lead me even when I got sidetracked.

A local church group of women came to my house and we had our time of creating art in my backyard.  The day was beautiful and everyone said they loved the event and couldn’t wait to come back for more. In the craziness of teaching and managing the event, I didn’t remember to take pictures of the actual ladies and their art projects while they were here…worst blogging mistake ever!  I did capture a few pics of the setup and decor.  Of course, part of any successful event is food and we had plenty of apps (appetizers) and drinks

art party collage

I started the Art Journaling class with waiting on the Lord – listening to what He may be speaking to our hearts, so that we could create a picture depicting what He was saying.  Here are some examples of the techniques of layering paint and paper that I used to teach the ladies, resulting in creation of a journal page of “words” that we were hearing. Their projects turned out fabulously and many were surprised that the Lord actually spoke to them.  All-in-all it was a very special day and one I won’t soon forget – I’ve actually journaled it, ha ha!

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Ask believe

Faith Art Journaling

Journaling Assignments

I have worked on this Faith Art Journal since the end of June with weekly assignments given by Erin Leigh @  Art by Erin Leigh and with Melissa @ Pink Paper Peppermints, both with websites and Etsy businesses.  They were offering free classes via Facebook and I welcomed some new ideas and tutorials that would help me develop my own journaling. Enjoy! May it inspire you to begin journaling and finding the heart of God for you in your life.

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I live in Him





Take me deeper

Taste and See

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