Recent Art

Painting and Mixed Media

This is one rainy day of seven more that are coming.  The drought is definitely over in California.  I have nowhere to go while the rain falls, so I’m working in my studio on new art work and different techniques; using pastels, watercolors, collage papers, foils, oil pastels, Pitt pens, spray inks, and anything I can find that grabs my imagination.  I am evolving.  My style and progression of all things creative are changing by the day.  I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve done in the past six months, basically focusing recently on angels.  There are more in the works.

Please leave a comment of what you think.  Love you and have a blessed day!


Projects Galore

Finding Your Groove in Day-to-Day Projects

I may have been pretty silent lately, but never still.  I work on up coming projects almost everyday.  I am trying new styles, new materials, and new media.  This is officially National Scrap-booking Month and to stay current in all things paper, I enrolled my daughter and myself in a one day class that lasted 12 hours. We could only make one day though it was an entire 3-day weekend.  It was so much fun and we learned a lot about tools, methods, and got inspired to do more.

I am not a scrap-booking person per se,  and would rather do projects in mixed media, so that is why the project we did had more form than framing pictures for an album.  Everybody’s box was so unique and full of different styles.  It took hours to make with all the cutting and gluing and papering.  I can’t wait to use it on my dresser for a caddy to throw my stuff in and actually look organized.

box1My box was more rustic and funky, while my daughter’s creation was more sophisticated and modern.

Here is a sneak peek of up coming projects in the works – waiting to be finished.

project CollageI encourage you to find your groove and be creative!  I know when I am creating something I am so happy!