Snow Village


Believe w wm

Yes, I am still decorating and I am almost finished!  Today I put several projects together to do a tablescape.  I included my Dollar Store painted and glittered ceramic houses, flocked bristle trees, and the chalkboard sign in the background.

Using an old frame that I’ve had for years,  I painted a 1/4 ” piece of plywood (cut to fit the frame) with black chalkboard paint. Then “cured” the finish with white chalk covering the entire surface.

In Microsoft Word I printed the word “Believe” in the Edwardian Script font at 600 pt. – I traced it to the chalkboard but I didn’t think it was white enough, so I used white acrylic paints to cover the script to make it look stronger.

Time is passing by so quickly and I am finally seeing an end in sight.  My house tour coming this week!  Blessings!




Snow Village

Dollar Store Ceramics



It is always wonderful to find a craft that is easy to make.  I found the idea for this snow village on website.  When you go to the “dollar store” this time of year, you can find many Christmas decorations that you can alter into fabulous treasures.  These little houses are part of a village theme that has many different buildings, houses, trees, lamp posts, and other miscellaneous components to create a town.  Of course, in their original form are very “colorful” and “cheesy”, but transformed with spray paint and glitter they become a magical part of a vintage Christmas. The best part of all is that they only cost a dollar!




My Own Village

The last few nights here in Northern California it has dipped below freezing and I was worried about all my flowering plants dying from frost bite.  I had to go shopping and asked my husband to cover the plants with a tarp while I was gone.  In the morning I woke up to this sight… all the kitchen garbage bags had been put to use (and this is only a small section of the yard).  I guess he didn’t hear me say “tarp”… it really made me laugh.  I called it my ghost village.