Happy Easter!

He is Risen!

Easter should be the greatest holiday.  It is the day that Jesus paid it all and overcame death and the power of the evil one, forever and ever! His love for us gave us new life and access to our Father.  There is no better gift than His gift of eternal life.

“He swallowed up death in victory; the Lord God will wipe away tears from all their faces; he will take the reproach from his people and the earth, for the Lord has spoken it!”  Isaiah 25: 8

Easter Connection

My first job was being the Easter bunny during Easter break; working for a department store in Honolulu.  You can imagine how hot it was in that costume in the tropical heat.  I made good money for a seven year old though.  My older sister played the bigger bunny.  It was so much fun…I even got to ride with the governor of Hawaii on the back of the limousine for the Easter parade.

My Easter Decor

The handmade wooden eggs that I decorated so many years ago…an Easter tradition.


Have a wonderful time celebrating new life with your family and friends!  

Easter blessings to you!

Busy Creative Days

Finding Time to Create

I have lots of time on my hands during the week and I chose to not let them be still, always working, always trying to be productive and creative.  In one day I got all of these projects done:

Changing my winter motif vase into spring



wvdetail1 wvdetail2Into Spring

springtree1sprdetails2 springtree3Fixing a Lamp

I found this lamp at a garage sale originally priced at $15, but I got it for free because of some chips and scratches (and no one wanted to buy it…I saw the potential).  It was easy to fix with some sandpaper and paint to restore it back to new.

Ifruit lampfruit basketBaked Cupcakes

carrot cakePainted a Wooden Box

When I visited my sister a few weeks ago, we separated out and planted a variety of succulents.

IsucculentsWatered My Favorite Bonsai

bonsaikidTable Decoration

I took a wooden box, added “fake” candles and “fake” boxwood for the centerpiece of the coffee table.candle box

I love those creative, busy days, they actually feel like you accomplish so much and then you have new things transformed in your home. Everything new!


Hearing God

  How Do You Hear God?

 Just being on the journey that I’ve had to walk in the past few months is certainly a totally different road than I would have chosen for myself.  God is certainly creative and very wise.

Three months ago I volunteered to care for my mother-in-law who was having difficulty living on her own (she’s almost 92 after all) but lives three hours north of my home, family, and friends.  She moved into a senior living facility and I moved into her house, where she had lived for forty-five years.  Besides caring, shopping, driving, visiting, cleaning, and general loving on her, most of the time was my own.  I have never been alone in my entire life.  I grew up with a twin brother and four other siblings.  I married dear Carl when I’d just turned twenty, and then came the swirl that were four kids, working full time, and every day life.

IMGpumpkins in a bowl

Now, how would I come to the conclusion to sacrifice my life and family to go on an excursion of the unknown…only by God’s grace and great mercy (for grandma). I don’t really think I would have done such an impossible assignment had not the Holy Spirit spoken to me clearly.  Back in the early spring I had a vision that I would be leaving home to be on my own for a month or more, traveling a high road of seeking the Lord and finding new purpose. Yes, God has spoken to me in visions occasionally over the years, but it is not the only way He speaks to my heart and spirit.

He has a love language that surpasses our understanding at times in the form of dreams, visions, interactions with other Christians, circumstances, the Bible, prayer, symbols, and feelings (yes, feelings). Yesterday I had the Stevie Wonder song “Part Time Lover”  revolving in my mind.  I hadn’t heard it on the radio or TV, so I couldn’t figure out where it came from.  In an instant I knew the Holy Spirit was speaking to me … I was so busy with projects and care that I hadn’t spent much time in the past few days in intimacy with Him.  He was gently telling me He missed me and wanted me to be in His presence… Such a sweet and loving way of getting my attention.

It is in those little things that He calls out to us everyday. He is continually knocking on the door of our hearts, and wooing us to be in fellowship with Him.  He is all about relationship.  We need to become more sensitive to how God is speaking to us and we will become better and more powerful people, the world truly needs us to be alive with the continual  sensitivity of Holy Spirit’s leading and guidance.

Look for, listen to, and hear the communion of God’s heart with yours.


 Craft of the Day

Paper Wreath paperwreath1wreath detailwreath detail 2

My Fall Tablescape



Fall is in the Air

Season Change

From glamorous to rustic and natural, fall decor ideas come in many ways. Here are a few of my favorite ideas, enjoy!

3d44b24b28964603a435762d22fc6dfeSimple but elegant.

d0da1450d4605f6473ceaecdcda5b33dUltra glam.

f4053309d78e9462f1dbd740c70bf2f8Use natural elements to create a sublime tablescape.


glam pumpkin thistlewoodfarmsMore glam and popping style.

goodie coneYummy goodies. store-bought waffle cones with goodies: yogurt raisins, roasted corn nuts, candied pecans and goldfish. Reese’s pieces and candy corn for a sweeter version! Tie on a ribbon or raffia bow.

Hannah Queen flickerOutdoor goodness.

pnpflowersincSimple pumpkin made from canning lids. For intructions go to: www.pnpflowersinc.com/2012/11/craft-vintage-farmhouse-pumpkin.html

917cba168488cb22ff1e07ce77c1efa9Shaker style simplicity.

aa1cbadf71ff5da5220565b51ae2d527Using ordinary natural elements to create a elegant centerpiece.

As you probably guessed I’m very fond of white pumpkins though any of these ideas can be used with other colors as well, just think how beautiful blue pumpkins would be!    Have a great weekend!  Be inspired.


Easter Revisited

The Day After Easter Post

Easter tablescape

We have not hosted a family Easter Day in at least a decade, we’ve always celebrated out of town at grandmas’.  It was so delightful to be able to cook and share our feast with three of our children and friends. Here was our menu:

Easter Menu

2014-04-21More pics from Easter…lemon cake, Easter Tree, Peeps on the rum soaked carrot cupcakes, Easter banner…*We had fun blowing up Peeps in the microwave, who knew they grow 5X their size and turn into one big enormous blob!

“the Spirit of Him Who raised up Jesus from the dead dwells in you, …so then He will also restore life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit Who dwells in you.” Romans 8:11

Projects to Come:

Here are two projects that I am currently working – the “before”! Keep watching for their total makeovers!