Vision 2014

Happy New Year!

2af3c6408f84f60578ddeb40e61b90f7It’s a new year and a time to start over with anything in your life that can be changed, most people call it a “resolution”.  I have found however, most resolutions work for a while but begin to fizzle shortly after being resolute to maintain a goal.  Sure we all want to lose a few pounds (except for all my friends who are basically “skinny” and have no added body fat – arrrgh!), to save more money for retirement or vacations or that vital repair job, to be a more positive person, or to get into the best shape physically of our lives (usually the first resolution to go). We have all been there in one form or another and we all have great ideals of what we all want to accomplish and stick to.



I’ve decided to do something very different – I began a “Vision Board” …

IMG_0529something that is always visible, in a prominent place, and things that are very specific to me.  It has promises from the Lord, my passions, things need to change, see happen, prayer burdens, identity, goals, and so many other things which are in “Annie-code” and I can look at and immediately understand the deeper meanings. As I pray and meditate on those words or pictures I can get a sense of what God is saying about each, or understand strategy to work on my goals and life achievements.

Here are some of the ways that I will direct my focus and prayer:

detail of vision board

  • A: LaughOh my gosh, I want to laugh more this year.  Being with my family has made me realize how much I adore laughing until it hurts, such good medicine!
  • B: CommunityMy husband and my passion for the area that we live in is to have a full body experience with everyone functioning in the Spirit and living whole-heartedly for God.
  • C: Seminar/Life CoachMy dream for living for others is to impart all the years of learning and experience into training and coaching those around me in the things of the Spirit.
  • D: GiveGiving isn’t just possessions and money, but your whole self to others around you.  You have something that no one else in this world can give, each of us is uniquely made by God.
  • E: Family I want my natural family and my Christian family to come into their true destinies and purposes.
  • F: PresenceOh, that the whole world would be filled with His Presence and that I could live more deeply in it this year!
  • G: Missions: Dwell GlobalBasically, to go to the ends of the Earth and be with the peoples of other nations, bringing the Good News.


Try new things this year, see outside the box, and look for creative ways to find vision for your life.


The Community of God Knit Together

IMG_0192God’s heart is always towards the people that He created.  He died for us so that we might be His forever, because He loved us so.  His will is to have the love He shed abroad in our hearts to be the “magnet” that draws those who still need Him, to become passionate followers of Christ.  How can we show this love or how is it demonstrated? – by the love we have for one another.  We can not fully enter into that great love for one another unless we fellowship and substantiate it by example.

The Lord is coming back for a bride; the Body of Christ, which means a corporate group of believers, not individuals.  He thinks in terms of One, the many who are one fitted and joined together – knit together, to be His.  We are a community of His sons and daughters living as One corporate body fully engaged in His Presence and Kingdom on this earth.  We are not waiting for Heaven to see this amazing new community, we should expect it now, living it now, asking for it now.

 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!  Ps. 133: 1

thumbnail.ashxA dream I had about the unity of Jesus and His Body:

A group of people (I don’t know how many) were on a journey and we were walking across what seemed to be a desert, there was no vegetation and it was arid and dry.

We crossed this place until we came to a plateau, elevated above the desert floor, where we stopped and were waiting in anticipation for something to happen.  We waited there for some time.

Suddenly we heard the rushing of water as it broke through behind us (through solid rock), we tried to run but were swept away into the water and out onto the desert floor.  We tumbled and tumbled around in the water and under the water for a very long time.  The water was deep. We were amazed and had so much fun. It was the flowing stream of the Spirit, we were submerged fully into His Presence.

The water took us to a house (the Church) where we came out of the water through a door.  All the saints (the Body of Christ) who had been in the water were now changed.  All were like puzzle pieces that could be fitly joined together, the unity made us all so happy to be together.