Prophetic Word

Prophetic Word for March

I’m feeling the impression to bring a word of hope today, inspired for this season.  Maybe it will encourage you.

All these years the Lord has been depositing seeds into your spirit, from promises, from encounters, and people speaking into your life. They have been dormant for a while, perhaps a very long time. Perhaps you have forgotten or thought with discouragement that those promises would never come to pass, or you have begun to give up, that you have just been forgotten. Remember God’s promises are “YES” and “AMEN”!  Even if you don’t feel or know any specific promise or word given to you, begin to claim what God has promised in His word.  There are so many promises in the Bible regarding health, provision, children, etc.  His  word abides forever, there is no expiration date!

Those promised and inspired words need to be watered with prayer,  believing God for them to take root, and an unwavering knowing that He loves you and always keeps His promises. Watering will bring them to life, even after decades of being dormant.  Those promises will begin to sprout.  This is the day that those seedling will begin to come forth bursting from the ground of your spirit, fulfilled in a way that you can not even imagine.  The  provision for those promises are from God’s own hand.  The soil that those seeds were deposited into is now fertile and crafted to give nourishment to what is to come. They will begin to bring forth fruit, bearing abundance not only for you but the world around you. Now is the time! Now is the time! Now is the time!  Water!


Happy New Year -2015

Happy New Year

Annie2015This is a new year and a new day!  Things are changing and will never be the same…get ready, fasten your seat belts, we are leaving the old behind and traveling on a new road towards the Promised Land!  The dreams, prophecies, promises, and desires that have alluded you in the past, maybe for years, is now within your grasp.  It is a new day dawning and an adventure of no limitations is coming, if you want it.

Begin to listen for God’s voice speaking the NEW things that He has prepared for you…things that you have never heard before because He is providing clarity and purpose to your dreams and vision, so that you can walk in a new way! Beloved, He is waiting!

Be Who You Were Created to Be

Setting the World on Fire

St. CatherineDon’t you love this quote?!

Most of us don’t live in our fullest potential and nor do we walk in what God created us to be.  Primarily  because we can’t see it! We don’t know what it is we are called to do or our true purpose in this life.  We have every resource of Heaven, with power that comes from the Holy Spirit, and the wisdom and knowledge that comes from the Father to accomplish whatever our heart desires.  We have God living inside of us!  That is why Jesus said we shall do greater things than He did (while on Earth)…we could set the world on fire with the Kingdom of God. What are you dreaming of?  It could be a clue to what you are called to.

Begin to seek the Lord why you were created, ask Him how He feels about your life, potential, and purpose. You will be surprised by what He reveals to you because of His great love for you.  Believe, step out in faith, take risks…He loves the trusting hearts of His children.


Who Are You Devoted To?

photo 1 (3)I just made these framed letters to make a “Devotion” sign for my office.  It may look a little skewed because it doesn’t quite fit on this shelf – it will eventually go on the top of the shelving unit, but I could not take one more picture with the pink paint on the walls…ugh! (As soon as I finish the baseboards in the closet I will begin to paint everything!)

At 2:30 am- when I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep yesterday morning, I  decided to spend some time with the Lord and got a cup of coffee. While waiting on Him, I was reminded of an experience I had on September 11, 2001.  Yes, on 911.  My son called me and said to turn on the t.v. – not explaining why; only to see the horrific news of the terrorist attack on our country.  Later that day, after being shaken and fear trying to affect my spirit, I had a vision.  It was Jesus walking in the wilderness with many people behind Him.  As He stood there, He had a staff in His hand and said, “Look to Me!”  He then pounded the staff into the ground and a shock wave shook everything around me.  The vision ended.

I suddenly remembered the story of Moses in the Bible, when he made a bronze serpent on a staff so that anyone who was bitten by a serpent, would live if they looked at the fiery serpent he held (Numbers 21:9).  Jesus even mentioned Moses in the verses found in John 3: 14-15 – “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life”.  And John 12: 32, “And I, if I am lifted up…I will draw all men (people) to Me.”

en2006lp.nfo o bfWatching the events of that day, I realized that I began to feel fear and anxiety. Jesus was showing me in the vision that He was stronger than any circumstance, no matter how devastating.  I only needed to look to Him for my provision, comfort, and salvation.

My devotion to Jesus only strengthened that significant day.  If we look to Him, He will keep us.

I know the world looks dark with all the negative things we hear in the news everyday, but our eyes must be turned to look at Jesus – our only hope.

(I am reminded of the ABBA song ….)
“Don’t go wasting your emotion, lay all your love on me.  Don’t go sharing your devotion, lay all your love on me.”

Don’t Stop Believing

Believe for the Promises

We all have seasons of “quiet” when serving the Lord, where we are not sure of what He is saying and doing.  Sometimes we feel forgotten, abandoned, or forsaken – which is utterly a lie.  Jesus said He would never leave us or forsake us, and we have the Holy Spirit as a guarantee of His promise to us. This is a walk of faith, not by sight or feelings.

He always has a plan for us, He predestined us to walk in His purposes.

“In Him we also were made God’s heritage (portion) and we obtained an inheritance; for we had been foreordained (chosen and appointed beforehand) in accordance with His purpose.  Who works everything in agreement with the counsel and design of His own will.  Ephesians 1:11 AMP

We may be in a dry place where the lush, verdant green pastures seem a memory or a long, lost dream, but just hold on, your breakthrough is just around the corner.  Your dreams and destiny are being fulfilled and strategically being positioned in the Heavenlies at this moment and will be revealed at the appointed time.  Don’t stop believing in what God has promised you, His promises are “YES” and “AMEN” (totally done). He just hasn’t given you the blueprint of His workings and plans yet! BELIEVE!

dsb pixmonk

 It’s not too late to have your dream fulfilled, it may just be too early. – Lynette Lewis#keep dreaming

Side Note:    I haven’t been posting as often this month because the month of January has been absolutely crazy with colds, family situations, massive scheduling conflicts, and this first month of the year is always a time of reordering and organization.  My vision for the year is so much bigger than I had imagined it would be.  Clearly, the Lord is shifting direction and focus in my life, and I am really trying to adjust and “follow the cloud” of His gentle whispers. I have so many ideas of what I will be doing and I can’t wait to share them with you in the following days. -A

 Love you my faithful followers, I am praying for you!