23 October 2017



Okay, my life is not entirely in my control at this moment.  I am totally trusting God for the “whys” right now.  I have to say though, that I am so thankful for the miracles He has provided for me and my family.  We have a primary home in Santa Rosa, California, and just two weeks ago our neighborhood was burnt to the ground.  Without the extraordinary effort of the Berkeley Fire Department, our house would have been part of the 5,000 homes and structures entirely destroyed.  Prayer changed everything, the fire stopped short a half a block away from all that devastation.  Without the valiant efforts of the fire department hosing our houses down with water, all would have been lost to us, too!  The thankfulness that we feel cannot be adequately expressed. We were evacuated in the middle of the night not knowing the fate of our house until thirty-six hours later when satellite pictures showed our house still standing.  Praise God!  So many of our dear friends and neighbors lost everything and our hearts are so extremely saddened by their loss.

(The following photos are of our neighborhood and personal friend’s homes.)

Though it was a terrifying ordeal, we stayed in peace and found thankfulness in the situation.  The area was closed to us for a week because the fires still burned and toxic smoke and fumes made it almost impossible to breathe.  We are so thankful for family who took us in and cared for us, and the unbelievable door open to stay at the last hotel room in the area, in Occidental.  The air was so clean closer to the ocean.  My family is back in our home, dealing with the emotions and feelings of having gone through the “fire”, getting adjusted to new changes and the uncertainty of what lies ahead.

Thank you Lord for Your great mercies and abiding love.  You are so good, gracious, and kind.

It will be a long journey for the residents of our town who lost everything…but God is in the restoration business and will provide for needs beyond imagining.  Keep praying, this is just the beginning of many days ahead and a new beginning for so many.






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  1. By Kim Graves on

    God is good, prayer is powerful.
    Blessings to all of those that lost or did not lose but endured the fires of the Napa Valley.


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