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    Treasure Hunting

    Treasure Found

    photo 3 (2)   The warm weather here in California prompted a pilgrimage in our county to find treasure that few could only dream about.  My daughter and I spent 13-1/2 hours following a trail that would leave even the best behind in the dust as we plowed our way through many destinations.  We found scrumptious things that only those with vision could find (I know others are out there!).

    Our trail lead us first to the Cokas Diko Outlet store where I found the perfect chairs for our dining table and some inspiration to try on other projects. photo 2 (3)  We left there to cross the street to the Scandinavian Design Outlet where we captured ideas but no treasure.  Driving to Starbucks to refuel before heading to the Restore store, where you can find a plethora of household and building salvage but decided we needed a list of measurements before we could ever begin to wade through what we would need there.

    photo 4 (3)We  drove home to get our pickup knowing we would need bigger transportation to head to Lytton Springs Salvation Army depot outside of Healdsburg, where we always seem to find awesome stuff.

    We searched endlessly and found incredible items, including relatively new Chase
    Campaign Stools from Pottery Barn, originally $150.00 each, which Leah bought for $20.00 a piece –  for her Globally inspired decor.  What a deal!  c6a2a88fef4291e16b946da65bae3220

    Of course, we always go through the bins of  books and believe it or not, I found a history of Viet Nam (one travel destination I have a vision for) and a book on French cooking, explaining why French women are not fat!  My best treasure of the day was this 1940’s Underwood typewriter sitting on the floor in mint condition.  Oh my gosh, I have always wanted one and God knows my very heartbeat…I am astounded at my good fortune for $40.00 (we looked on EBay and they are selling for about $550.00)!  These old typewriters are so popular right now, I never thought I’d find one.  Yay!
    IMG_0564   We weren’t done yet, we journeyed on…

    To Good Will and the Hospice Thrift store for more exciting treasures and awesome purchases.  With a brief stop for dinner we headed to Petaluma and the Home Goods store for more inspiration and to check out any new products that  we had to have. So much “eye candy” to be had and here are a few ideas!

    Treasure HuntingOur final destination, Target, in the new mall near Home Goods.  It is the hugest store and by 11:00 pm I was ready to go home  – literally exhausted after thirteen hours on my feet.  What a wonderful day, so exciting, so inspiring, and such great treasures!  It is one of my passions and my daughter’s;  treasure hunting brings us alive!

    Some other pics from our day:

    Any one want to join us on our next expedition and a new adventure?

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    Season of Cleaning and Organizing

    Spring Cleaning

    This seems like an odd topic compared to my regular posts, but cleaning has been on my mind lately.

    downloaded pics

    I think the natural world speaks of the heavenly realm and cleaning and organizing have been on my heart the past few weeks.  Typically, January is a month to get organized – “out with the old and in with the new”, but this is the first year that my thoughts on cleaning and organizing have not dissipated with the passing of time and I am actually planning on doing the real elbow-grease kind of work. But, I have to ask myself if the Holy Spirit is speaking to me more deeply.

    This year will be a change in some significant ways for everyone, in the natural and the spiritual realms.  Dreams will begin to come true, prayers answered, new opportunities, new focus, and new vision.  People will start coming into their destinies participating with the nuances of heaven.  Callings, giftings, and graces will become more apparent and we will begin walking into what we have been chosen for.  Yay!  I’ve been waiting for this season and glorious outpouring of His Spirit for many years, while I’ve labored in fields where I’ve served others, leaving my own plans and aspirations to surrender to having God’s workmanship develop in my life.  Looking back it was hard and unfulfilling at times but the Lord knows the beginning and the end, so I rejoice in His workings, looking forward to the day of actually stepping into the vision of His purposes for my own life.

    Maybe we all need to see where we want to be and believe the Spirit’s guidance into new things.  Cleaning “house” is not a bad thing and in the journey to clean and organize our lives we can find joy and a new purpose leading us to our destiny.

    Be blessed, cleaned, and organized in all realms this year.

    Here are some actual links to websites with awesome ideas and plans for a cleaner more organized year:

    A Bowl Full of Lemons – Tony Hammersley      www.abowlfulloflemons.net

    Finding Home – Laura Putnam     www.findinghomeonline.com

    Pottery Barn Blog    http://blog.potterybarn.com/10-organizing-tips-from-a-pottery-barn-designer/

    The Inspired Room – Melissa Michaels    www.theinspiredroom.net

    Pinterest   enter in Search: cleaning your house    It will give you an abundance of advice and blogs to search for the perfect cleaning solutions.


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    Gifts Revisited

    Gifts of the Spirit

    In the days ahead God will pour out His Spirit on all peoples, His Glory will cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas, and His Kingdom established of which there is no end.  The Lord’s people will be shown favor and will accomplish mighty works, mighty deeds, and be given extraordinary powers (1 Cor. 12) in the process that “He planned for the maturity of the times and the climax of the ages to unify all things and head them up and consummate them in Christ, both in heaven and on Earth.” (Ephesians 1:10)

    He has given us spiritual gifts as part of our heritage in Him, to accomplish His will.  We are to ask and desire these gifts – “…earnestly desire and zealously cultivate the greatest and best gifts and graces.” 1 Cor. 12:31 AMP, not to use for ourselves but to bless others with God’s heart.  We will see in the days ahead an outpouring of healing and the miraculous, to show God’s power to those who do not yet believe.  We live in exciting times!  Ask our Heavenly Father to bestow on us His wisdom, His grace, and spiritual gifts.  We have not because we ask not.


    “Every good gift and every perfect (free, large, full) gift is from above; it comes down from the Father of all light, in Whom there can be no variation (rising or setting) or shadow…” James 1 :17



    We are all given spiritual and natural gifts when we were created by God, because He knows us before we were formed in our mother’s womb and He knows exactly who we are.

    Our spiritual gifts develop as we follow the Spirit because they help us to become like Jesus; and our natural gifts create our personality, our purpose, our “jobs”, our desires, and passions.  We cannot separate either because those giftings are who we were created to be. If Albert Einstein didn’t have a natural gifting of a genius mind, then he would not have used it to develop his extraordinary theories, especially about energy.  Leonardo da Vinci’s incredible natural insights would not have given us such profound inspiration in art and science.  I am saying, you have also been given something from God, specific and personally designed just for you, and your purpose is to use those talents for the glory of God.

     It truly amazes me how many people don’t know what they are gifted in, nor have a clue about what they are called to in the Kingdom. We must ask, seek, and knock on heaven’s door until we know…we just need to be aware of the whispers of God.

    I struggled to find my purpose for years, and really didn’t know what I was given. In my life I knew I was artistic but hadn’t ever considered that was something important to God and a calling on my life, I just thought it was a useful tool to get projects done.  I worked on paintings in the 1980s and devoted all my spare time to it, but the cares of this life: working full time, having two more kids (four in the house), building our own home, extended family, etc., kind of suffocated that dream…(but more likely because of my uncertainty).

    Note:  I believe that God has been working in my life despite the times that I couldn’t fully seek out my calling.  He desires for us to become like Him and performs that in us as we mature.  There is joy in that journey and I am now just finding out a clearer sense of what His will is.