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    Love Them Anyway

    My Favorite Quote

    I love this quote, I even have it on my laptop screen, so that I see it everyday.  It reminds me to love those who are difficult and sometimes cause heartache…you have to love those people anyway.

    love them anyway

     Days Three, Four, and Five of My Personal Challenge

    photo 1Day 3

    photo 2Day 4

    photo 3Day 5

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    Ten Day Challenge – Day #2

    Second Day

    This is the second day of my 10-day challenge –  I am just drawing and painting what comes to mind and it has been pulling my imagination into forming a story.  It is amazing that when you step out that things germinate, then grows, and it gets created…sort of like faith.  When we hear the word of the Lord (faith comes by hearing the word of the Lord) and act on it, then Heaven can move to perform what is believed for.  So, I see that it is true in the natural, that when a person does something, it is an act of faith and it changes the world around us (or at least in your imagination).

    photo(2)Today, I had the thought to paint a picture of a boy…my husband said it looks like a Coptic Christian from Ethiopia or Eritrea…

    Do you have a name for him?

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    My 10 Day Challenge

    A Face a Day – Day #1

    For ten days I’ll paint/draw a different face, just spontaneously to see what I come up with.  At the end of that time I’ll try and compose a story to fit the characters that I’ve imagined and drawn.  This is today’s challenge.

    photo(1)What would you name her?  What does she remind you of?  I would love to hear from you! Please comment.