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    New Hiding Places

    The She Shed

    I’ve suddenly got a huge burst of creative energy and onto a new project.  Didn’t I just post that I was going to finish all the backlogged projects first?  I am, I am.  The weather finally cooled off to a lovely 85 degrees and I can actually work outside without wilting.  I was itching to get started on something around “the estate” but had to settle into having to wait until fall, when the high temperatures subsided.  Yesterday morning I was wide awake at 4:30 am and found my creative mojo was in full force.

    My inspiration came from the internet and all the talk about “She Sheds” – the newest trends for women.  After all, the “man cave” has been a topic for years, why not a special place for us gals.  Since I already have the bones for a good place to start; the bath house out back used in the old days to change and shower, now just a storage shed of sorts.

    sheshed2It has two large windows and a little covered patio off to the side.  Does it look like it needs a lot of work? Yes! Though the structure is solid and really needs just some cosmetic changes. (A little heavenly light beams falling around this space, lolsheshed1

    First getting rid of the warped boards on the pergola above the patio.  I had help on getting those down, but when I saw all those lovely, aged redwood strip still  in great condition, I couldn’t help myself in conjuring numerous ideas to reuse those for future projects.

    redwood sheshedAfter I pulled a billion a few hundred nails, I had a treasure trove of resources!

    Here are some of the inspiring pictures of other she sheds that some pretty creative people have done.  You can even use an old travel trailer to fix up to call your little get away!



    One person’s comment was this:

    She-Shed-Essentials-1024x834I have a feeling that I won’t be the only one using this space when it is all done.  Stay tuned for developing new updates.

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    Cards and Album

    This is what I finished today

    I’ve been on a new quest to finish all of my ongoing projects before starting any new ones.  I love new ideas and imagining how I can improve things that are outdated or “old school”.  Though before I get ahead of myself, I need to stop, and complete my unfinished originals. I’m not a procrastinator, just inspired by lots of things.  Creating new things makes me so happy and genuinely joyful.

    This is a photo album that I did for this summer’s beach theme in my creations. It is an accordion-folded album that can contain quite a few photos of vacations, special events, and little mementos and treasures. I would be glad to post the how-tos and measurements if I get enough replies to this post.  It is a very fun project and would make someone a fantastic gift.album cover1 Cover with a shell closure

    accordian3 accordian2 album accordianYou can have some fabulous ideas of your own and create endless possibilities with colors, shapes, and themes.

    Cards with a coastal/beach theme

    I finished most of these current cards, mostly to find ideas and materials I can use for later projects…possible mock-ups for an art line I hope to launch next year.

    card1 card4 card5 card6 card2 card7

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    Art Journal

    Journaling From Scratch

    I’m feeling totally free to extend the possibilities in my life, and to step out of my own boxed-in comfort zone.  The best way to begin a journey like this is to find like-minded people and interests, and then learn from them.  I’ve been taking classes at my local scrapbooking store for new techniques and found one of my favorite bloggers offering a workshop to make a faith art journal.  Summer’s long, hot days give me the perfect opportunity and time to create: the afternoons – when it’s too hot (recently 111 degrees outside) and I can be cool and work to my heart’s desire inside.

    The following is from the online workshop by Erin Leigh and Melissa from Pink Paper Peppermints*:  Journaling by Heart: A free summer workshop for art journaling your faith. First lesson was to create a cover for a homemade journal.  The steps are easy and this is what developed for my cover.

    Grace 2Follow Erin and Melissa on Facebook at Faith Art Journaling and on their websites at: www.artbyerinleigh.com and www.pinkpaperpeppermints.com  You can join the fun of weekly lessons and gain experience and confidence in your own creations.

    “Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”  Hebrews 4:16

    Right now there are so many things I need to know for myself in this season that I am experiencing, and the only way to find answers is to come to Him…boldly!  I encourage you to access the Lord’s availability with the confidence that we have in our Heavenly Father and what Jesus paid for, to find the mercy and grace when we need answers in our lives. When we come into His presence we change.


    Here are the first two steps that went into the process of creating my cover:


    First step is to cut out two pieces of light-weight cardboard like from cereal boxes to the measurements of the desired size of your journal. Tape the pieces together with masking tape.  Then you use gesso to cover the entire front of the cover (see below).  I use an old credit card to spread the gesso so that I get a smoother texture to the surface rather than using a brush.  Let dry. Paint with acrylics to your heart’s desire.  If you want more detail directions go to the Facebook page Faith Art Journaling and follow the links.