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    Memories of Summer

    I realize that summer isn’t over, but with school starting next week it feels like it is coming to an end;  the ending of fresh days and carefree living that summer always brings.  This year we had no huge vacation plans but did little excursions and events that made it so special.  The most important thing I’ve been rediscovering lately is how important family and friends are. They make our lives have tremendous purpose and meaning and without their unconditional love, we would be empty souls with no grounding.

    I thought I’d share some photo tidbits of this summer and possibly inspire you to think back on these past few months and reflect on how awesome this season is.

    Harvest and Outdoors

    1 tomatoesBountiful and beautiful tomatoes  pastasauceResulting  in quarts of pasta sauce

    cosmos Flowers everywhere.  Cosmos were planted to honor my mom, who always had them in her garden.

    poolThe luxury of swimming every day. Soaking up the sun.

    Decorating for the Season

    chairwith flagFinding that special item that says it all – America, land that I love.

    cloudsignFinding the right spot for a new sign.

    basquet of shellsBeach themed everything.

    sailingmugEven my new huge mug reminds me of sailing away.

    Off the subject but loved this sign:

    big cups

    Going to the Fair – Family Time

    tilt a whirlTilt-a-Whirl – my kids are on it. Yikes!

    swngMy kids having more fun…gone are those days of BIG rides for me though.

    garden showGarden show

    joyGrand-baby joy!

    atthe fairFarm life


    fairfoodFair food.

    laylaThe end of a very long day


    1 oceanduplexTime to work on the good things of life (in progress)

    Love changes everything!

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    Is He Knocking on the Door of your Heart?

    3 doorsDoors

    The Lord gave me a word today, so I thought I’d share it:

    Doors of destiny are beginning to open in your life with opportunities for new ideas, strategies, and creativity.  These doors will open when our hearts are surrendered to the Holy Spirit and not tainted by presumption, fear, prejudice, and pride.

    • Presumption:  Assuming you know exactly what God is saying without consulting His Wisdom and timing.
    • Fear:  These new doors open by following the Holy Spirit by faith, without timidity and fear – because without faith it is impossible to please God*.
    • Prejudice:  When you determine God’s will for yourself, because you can’t see outside the box – not willing to accept that He may be calling you to new things, people, and places, outside your comfort zone and ideals.
    • Pride:  Resisting God and not walking in humility with a contrite heart, and laziness.

    These doors open the Kingdom glory, power, and purpose… designed in your life to do the “greater things” that Jesus spoke of.   The greater things in you, your community, and in the world.  God wants to set the world on fire with the knowledge of Him and the Glory that shall cover the Earth…coming with the exaltation of His Son, Jesus.  What better way to walk into your destiny than by opening the doors that He is knocking on now, revealing His heart to you.

    *Hebrews 11:6

    Door CollageWhich do you choose?