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    God’s Remarkable Love

    Maybe You Have Forgotten

    We live in such a fast paced world with so many options that it can distract you from the simple truth of who we really are.  Once in a while we need to stop and take a deep breath, then remember some of the things that made you fall in love with Jesus in the first place. Ransom113015Ransomed:   Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice, He gave His life in exchange of yours.  God came down in human form so that we could be reconciled to the Father, who originally made us to be in deep fellowship with His heart.  Humankind rejected this love and sought to make the lord of the Earth their god.  Jesus built the bridge for us to be joined once more, we just needed to cross over by believing in Him.  His ransom paid the price to eternal life and hope.

    Adopted:  As new believers we became sons and daughters of the Most High God, with all the privileges, blessings, friends, relationships, and the great love that carries us.  We are no longer orphans trying to make our lives work, but the Holy Spirit now lives in us to do the work of restoration and belonging.  We are accepted in the Beloved, we belong to the greatest Kingdom as treasured children.

    Freed:  We are now free to be who we were always meant to be, our true selves…better and richer than we could have ever imagined.  God’s ways are limitless and He gives us the freedom to live a limitless and awesome life…one where He imagines you at every moment to be complete and whole. He created us for His good pleasure; loved and adored by Him.

    Blessings:  God is good and His intentions are always for our well-being, so that we can enjoy the whole, wonderful world He has given us.  We are truly blessed with what He paid for – your life to live abundantly with all spiritual blessings, great grace, and unfathomable love.

    Take a moment and reflect on God’s love and great heart for you!

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    Reminiscing November

    The change of season came very slowly this year.  We still have warm days, beautiful sunshine, and the mellow colors melting in the background of this flourishing fall.  Today I took some pictures of my surroundings and wanted to show you what this month is displaying in its glory around me.

    Novemberlemons tangerines sunflower marigolds roses grteful velvet pumpkins Camillia Acorn tree acorn ornament

    Pretty amazing when parts of this country have already had snowfall and cold temperatures!