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    Rediscovering Potential

    Taking the Old and Refreshing (One-Year Challenge*)

    It’s amazing what a little paint can do!

    This house hadn’t really changed in over 40 years; same curtains, ugly brick decor, yellow accent wall, carpets, and furniture arrangement.  Being a creative type of person, I always rearrange, change, and improve the environment around me.  Just ask my husband how many times the furniture has been moved or new pieces of art decor has changed walls.  I guess I haven’t changed since I’ve been on a journey to improve this old house and make it fresh.  Paint does wonders and a little bit of deconstruction.

    xmas yellow wallFor some reason I’ve never been attracted to bright colors and this yellow was constantly screaming at me to change it.  So one day I just painted it.

    Yellow Wall

    Paint progress

    ImprovementThis is only the beginning.  I had to paint the ugly brick in several parts of the room.


    There was pink mortar between the bricks.  It didn’t show up as well in the picture below.

    fireplace b&A

    finished fireplace

    A little bit of effort and vision can go a long way to make things like new.  What project will you take on?  Be bold, look around to see things as they could be, with a bit of imagination and labor – the possibilities are endless.

    endNow I’m half way done, on to the other side of the room.

    Painting tip:  to get that precision straight line of paint between the ceiling and the wall – use masking tape on the ceiling at the edge, then paint the ceiling color paint on the wall overlapping the tape.  Next paint the wall and when its dry pull the tape off for a crisp, clean edge.IMG_1039

    *One-Year Challenge: Part of my 2016 goals were to improve as many parts of this house before the year’s end.  Keep looking for more home improvements!

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    Spring Forth

    IMG_1199This a new season of life and rebirth.  God is calling you forth into a renewed time in the spirit and phenomenal events in your life. Now is the time to reap a harvest of all your prayers and  promises that you’ve sown seeds for over the years.  This is the season to begin to see a fulfillment of your heart’s desire with blessings, anointing, and joy.


    Merriam’s Dictionary defines ‘season’ as:

    1 a:   a time characterized by a particular circumstance or feature, <in a season of religious awakening-  F.A. Christy>  b:  a suitable or natural time or occasion <when my season comes to sit on David’s throne – John Milton>  c: an indefinite period of time 

    2 a: a period of the year characterized by or associated with a particular activity or phenomenon.    At the right time.


    Pray for God to answer the deep cry of your heart, for He shall surely answer!

    Spring in my yard:

    Spring CollageThe glorious display of my garden.

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    Oh, To Be Like Him

    What is Your Heart Saying

    Is your heart longing for something significant and purposeful?  Are you waiting for an awakening of your heart to deeper depths of love and fulfillment?  We can only live where our focus allows us to go.  You must determine and be resolute to finding the one your heart adores.  Philippians tells us that we must progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him.

    Phillipians 3-10 1

    God’s ultimate goal in our lives is to conform us to His (Jesus’) image; we change when our hearts are determined to spend time with Him.  The Presence of God changes you.  Won’t you step into something new by recognizing His voice and that He is calling you into a deeper place in Him?