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    The Best of 2016

    This year was like no other in my entire life.  There was wonder, joy, fascinating things and experiences, sadness (at losing family and friends), stress and exhaustion, and a mighty abundance of grace to live through it all.  I wanted to share with you the best of my blogs and life for this year.

    Goals and Dreams

    I kept my focus, though the many interruptions of every day life came frequently.

    Updates and Remodels, Fixer Uppers and Recycling

    First came the fence, then the Studio, the “she” shed, and finally the house got painted

    My next project will be the landscaping



    This year I created on purpose, even starting to teach mixed-media classes, crafty ornaments, and entered an event show.

    Favorite Sayings and Quotes (for now)

    Goodbye 2016 – Hello 2017

    May the new year bring you prosperity, peace, new adventures, provision, renewed health, new faith, abundance, more and deeper relationships, and a greater outpouring of God’s love.