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    We are definitely experiencing new seasons of change, currently in a revolving change from summer to autumn. We are going from the fun days of swimming, relaxing, vacations, and sunshine into a transitioning course correction of a new season. Evident with kids stepping into the new school year, the weather developing new seasonal temperatures, and we are feeling the faint taste of fall in the air.  But there is a different kind of change that can change everything.

    What I am talking about is a change which could effect our personal lives, including our spiritual, internal and external growth.  Most importantly we need to recognize when God is moving us in a different direction and we are not ignoring His clues to that change. I’d like to suggest that there are actual signs that you may have been experiencing in the Spirit but haven’t been aware of or tuned into. When you do, that then becomes a transition of turning and giving those clues your full attention.

    God’s Grace

    If you feel like you are swimming through mud, life doesn’t seem easy, and everything you do has push back, or you are just plain “stuck”… it may be that the grace of God has lifted in a certain area of your life and He is looking for you to find out why.

    The grace of God is defined as: 

    “The unmerited love and favor of God toward human beings; divine influence acting in a person to make the person pure, morally strong; the condition of a person brought to God’s favor through this influence; a special virtue, gift, or help given to a person by God.” (Webster’s New World College Dictionary). 

    We may just feel a restlessness or dissatisfaction in our current circumstances, could be a direction by the Holy Spirit to change something: location, vocation, attitude, or simply new habits.

    Where God guides, He provides

    God always equips us to do what He calls us to do. So when the supernatural supply starts to dwindle, it’s time to evaluate whether you’re following His calling and your path is being re-routed. 


    A persistent thought

    For believers who are walking closely with the Lord, His Spirit has a way of repeatedly nudging our minds as a way of directing us, like a constant whisper in our spirit. This can come in many forms, but if it’s continuous over a significant period of time (and in tandem with other clues), it’s likely that God is trying to get our attention to reveal His will and possible change.


    The random (or so it seems) advice from others

    Being open to others speaking into our lives and their communicating concern should bring us to God in prayer so that we can clearly hear what He may be saying.  The Holy Spirit will bring a phrase or emphasis that the pastor may speak at church, or a friend’s random encouragement, even something poignant our wife/husband or child might say.  We always have to be in listening mode.


    Our passions shift

    In different seasons of change, something that seemed so important and inspirational can suddenly seem ineffective and possibly not tangible.  Our passions shift, though the foundation of what we are called to rarely does, but our God calling can be evolving into looking very differently in certain aspects.  

    In my case, I didn’t have much interest in outreach to foreign countries for much my walk, then the Lord at one point clearly called me to go on a mission to Africa (through supernatural direction).  I was thoroughly surprised when He changed my heart rather quickly (not prepared for it at all), and now missions are food to my soul.  I love visiting countries, peoples, and ministering to their needs. Shifts happen.


    Every possible change is settled in prayer, confirmation, and faith

    When we finally come to a conclusion that we need a change, first comes prayer, asking the Lord whether or not it is from Him.  Always wait for the peace.  Confirmation comes when we have peace that passes understanding in a situation, turmoil is never a sign for shift.  Then we have to step out in faith believing that God is carrying us through to the new thing that He is calling us to. 


    Change is inevitable 

    Not being willing to change when God calls us is rather prideful or fearful stance to take, both of which God resists (sounds harsh but so true, see James 4:6).  He will always give you grace, provision, joy, peace, and confirmation to change.  Try it, it could be the perfect solution to a transformed life and the longing in your heart.



    “To everything (turn, turn, turn)

    There is a season, (turn, turn, turn) 

    And a time to every purpose, under heaven.”  —The Byrds 

    “You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”     ― Roy T. Bennett

    “Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most.” ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

    “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”   ― Alan W. Watts

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    Creative Flurry

    All I Can Do is Be Creative

    Being immobile has been the catalyst in a creative flurry that is my only outlet now, since driving, walking, swimming, and so many other activities have been hindered by this: 

    I can’t put any weight on it, so I’m wheelchair bound for 3 months.  My only outlet is creativity, so I thought I’d post more of my art journal entries.

    An old friend of mine sent me this picture of a wedding gift I made her way back in the late 70’s, I’d totally forgotten that I’d ever done it, so it was a nice surprise to see an embroidery project from so long ago!

    These frames needed filling so I took the current themes in my life, hope and grace, and painted them.

    One day I really needed a clipboard for a class that I was taking and  I couldn’t just have something that wasn’t creative, so I painted and decorated this blank space.

    My style is all over the place but that is my life right now, I have to be consistently creating … it is my happy place!





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    A Year in My Life

    “Something happening here, it ain’t exactly clear…”

    I am truly amazed and stunned by the events of this past year!  There were very high moments contrasted by the terribly tragic ones…certainly nothing I ever saw coming.  Therefore, to my best effort I am telling the story of why my posts have been sporadic and certainly not deeply inspirational.  Life is unpredictable at best.

    Last May/June 2017 I went on the dream trip of a lifetime; to Israel, Jordan, and surrounding Holy Land sites.  It was a deep longing in my heart for 40+ years.  There is no way to relate how absolutely fabulous that journey was: the people, the history, God’s Presence, the majesty and wonder, the food, the friends I made, the shopping, and the encounters that wrapped me in ecstatic bliss while I were there.Then I took my first trip to the Emergency Room in Jerusalem to deal with the AFib attack on my heart, with lots of prayer I was released in only a few hours.  This was the first of many attacks and fierce battles that began my year.

    Arriving home, my husband and I joyfully went to a Christian Conference in Southern California in mid-June.  While there I fell off 4 steps to the ground twisting and severely bruising my knees and feet, tearing the meniscus in my right knee.  Another trip to the ER and about two months of elevating my knee for swelling and pain.

    During that time I had three more visits to the ER with more AFib problems and two cardioversions, where they stop your heart then use the paddles on your chest to electrically restart your heart.  “CLEAR!”  They had no idea why this was happening since my heart was strong and healthy.  The battle was growing more fierce though through all of that I knew God was with me.

    My daughter and I took a road trip to Texas in August, to visit family and go to another conference (we have such hunger in our hearts to see the Lord moving, we will sacrifice all to seek out what He is doing in other places).  My car broke down in the middle of the desert on a 104 degree day…warfare, but we saw God’s hand in every situation.

    When we got back home, really all I could do was journal…

    take classes, get more involved with people (my favorite thing), join groups in the church, and just live in the grace.

    October 9, 2017  The wildfires plundered Sonoma County, burning everything in its path.  Our entire neighborhood burned to the ground. So unimaginably tragic!  The fire stopped 200 yards from our house, but everything else was gone…total miracle.

    This is our neighborhood.  Everyone was effected and traumatized, and still coping with the loss of everything.

    There is tons of stories I could retell and they would prove God is real. 

    Two weeks ago I had surgery on my foot to repair some bone and cartilage  degeneration, finding I also had a broken bone, which caused pain for a very long time,  I am now in a cast for 3 months.

    In closing, throughout all of the ordeals and seemingly harsh circumstances, I have remained strong, by God’s grace.  I can truly say, “God is good, He is always good.”  He has never left me strengthening me every day.  My love for Him as grown more deeply because of the trust and faith in His ability to be faithful to my heart.  I am looking forward to the future that will bring new adventures, new dreams, and new resources to our lives. Now I have more time to blog, create and paint…endless amounts of hours to bless you my friends!


    PS- New changes are coming!