Prayer/Promise Box

Prayer/Promise Box

photo 1 (2)The Promises of God are YES and AMEN!  Today I finished my latest box which I usually give away to people who need encouragement.  I fill it with scriptures and personal emblems that are significant to the person I am praying for.  I tell them that they can also use the box to keep their written prayers in, and in time God will always answer them (perhaps, not in the way that we want, but His wisdom is so much bigger than ours).  It is truly amazing how many prayers God answers for us, sometimes it take time, but He is faithful!

picsHere is the box from every angle.


You probably are surprised (again!) that I changed the formatting of my blog.  Like any artistic person I love to see things in a different way and new perspective.  I think this time the blog page reflects more of who I am. If you love me, you can continue to stay with me on this journey of discovery while I drive the highways of life. oxoxox
french Rom 121Also, I wanted to make another reference to my blog post about Romans 12:1.  I believe that that scripture is not only talking about food and exercise, but it refers to other important issues of moral purity and not violating our bodies with drugs or overdosing on unhealthy lifestyles…from different kinds of sources.

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