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    Home is Where the Heart is…

    When we live in an extraordinarily beautiful place and we have settled there for a season (or your whole life), you call it your home.  I live in “one of the most beautiful places on Earth” according to Luther Burbank.  I look at pictures of beautiful places on this planet that I would love to visit and enjoy, and I have personally seen some awesome wonders that this globe has to offer.

    California home
    I created this canvas because I was feeling nostalgic about family, history, places I’ve lived and loved, and grateful for this little piece of heaven called California.

    California is a special place, I was born here, seen some extraordinary events here, lived in peace here, found the love of my life here  (that was a divine appointment), my children were born and raised here, and I found the One who loves me and my heart best – Jesus…all connected in this golden state. So many memories, so many stories that I could tell, and I miss loved ones who have passed on who lived and saw amazing transitions of culture here.  Home is where we feel safe and loved.

    My prayer is that you are connected to HOME, where ever you are; to find that rest and peace in your everyday lives. Enjoy and appreciate where God has put you now and live in the purposes He has for you. (And your home is where you are; living in your favorite place).

    We are only strangers and pilgrims on this big world, our true home is Heaven and its vast and glorious dwelling place, where the Presence of God dwells and is the source of all things.

    2014-06-08Happy Weekend!